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Training and Development

I provide a training needs analysis service for large and small organisations. A blended approach to learning can be arranged and delivered using a variety of learning and development methods, such as peer mentoring, coaching, training sessions, action learning sets, distance learning, learning through meeting clients and service users. There is a list of courses available and all are available in English or Welsh. At the end of each course each participant will have drawn up and agreed a personal action plan to take away with them and implement and each session will be followed up by an evaluation a month following the training and a report on learning will be given to the organisation.

I also provide a Training and development resource development service in accordance with the organisations training needs analysis and instructions.

These can range from lesson plans, tutor notes, resources and presentations for in-house trainers, to training packs on different topic areas for the whole organisation. Training is available for in-house staff on the delivery of the resources in order to build capacity within the organisation and start to develop a network of in-house trainers.

Training Sessions:-

General Equality and Diversity training - 1day

An introduction to Equality and Diversity, including developing a personal action plan for each participant and a review of the learning and evaluation report for the organisation.

Managing Diversity - ½ to 1 day

For people managers covering:-

Team dynamics

Impact of diversity on teams

Valuing Diversity - business benefits

Equality and the law

Preventing and identifying bullying and harassment in the workplace

Challenging and changing culture

Providing services to diverse customers

Engaging customers

Personal action planning and learning review

Specific strand training – half day

An opportunity to discuss the differing needs of a specific group

Historical background of discrimination faced by each group

An opportunity to meet with representatives from the group to ask questions and explore potential changes to the learners approach or way of work that would improve their service for the user or other staff member

Promoting Equality and Diversity – half day

Identifying opportunities within own work to promote E and D

Through case studies and scenarios identify best practice

Overview of other organizations that can support the work expert groups that you can work with.

Equality and Diversity in Schools - a guide for Governors and teachers- half Day

An update on the requirements for governing bodies and school management in light of the Equality Act 2010 and the specific duties in Wales linking the learning for pupils in line with the common inspection framework.

Language Awareness training -1 day

Welsh language awareness:-

History of the Welsh language

Welsh language and the law

Welsh language and organizational policy and culture

Use of language in your area / nationally

Prejudice and stereotyping

Language and identity

Language and service provision

Elected members training - 1 day

Elected members and their roles

Scrutiny role, executive board member role, cabinet roles.

Ensuring equality and diversity is at the foundation of decision making in your organization

A road map to consultation with what have traditionally been thought of as “difficult to reach” groups

Customer care - half - 1 day

General customer care principles

Specific considerations of customer care and Equalities and diverse groups

Ownership of customer care

Who are your customers - recognizing diversity in our customers. Using data to know who our customers are.

Team Building 1 – 2 days

Team assessment, individual personality styles, strengths and learning style preferences

Team activities to promote good team working

Investigation of team problems

This includes individual and team feedback as part of the training

Action planning for more successful team working

Change Management Training 1day

Focusing on personal response to external forces

Team response to external forces

Personal identity and managing change – using NLP techniques

Process to support change

Attitude to support change

Creating and maintaining the attitude to support change within teams.

Introduction to Neuro Linguistic Programming – ½ day

Understanding of NLP

Focusing on the principles of NPL

Developing your NLP skills

Utilising NLP in business - improving your customer care skills, improving your rapport and interpersonal skills